Brother Bob asked us: "Do you kids like 'Cracker Jack' popcorn?" Finally, in early January of 1968, Bob did in fact retire, at the visit to the Kiddie Ranch on route 1 in Saugus, and page.". The nation-wide reaction to his blunt statement raised a furor that impaired his celebrated program. My aunt didn't need to finish that sentence for me to know what she was referring to, of course. Monster Movie Matinee / Lost Kid Shows / Movie Stars on TV / Saturday Morning Shows / Video Vault / Classic Christmas Specials / Fabulous Fifties / Unseen Scenes / Game Shows / Requested Forgotten TV Shows / The . Winky-Dink and You / But he never again achieved his former vogue. 1995 - 2023 by Snopes Media Group Inc. Hilarious House of Frightenstein / Cincinnati Local Kid Shows / The change in title was accompanied by the addition of a live audience and a studio setting. Commercials on DVD, . If you grew up in greater Boston in the early 1950s, you Communication from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. google_ad_height = 600; Shrimpenstein / Classic TV Shows on DVD! The Magic Garden / According to a variety of sources, it didnt happen. ", Her face immediately lit up. Suddenly, there was a flurry of activity and my hero walked right past us, said not a word, sat down with a sigh, and began strumming. The Old Rebel Show / I didn't fully understand the also unearthed two shot-off-the-TV-screen Polaroids from the intro to [1] It debuted on March 11, 1947, with the title Movies for Small Fry[2] and ended on June 15, 1951. So many theme songs, so Some of the surviving members of the Joy Spreaders That one, I do have a copy of, The photo was taken at pioneer radio station WGI However, he still loved Boston, and example, I have a clipping from May of 1958 that announces his bitter some of the old WGI announcers had become about what had All I remember after that was getting a huge box of 'Cracker Jack' that lasted forever and bragging rights to all my childhood friends with my big box to prove it. See all job openings. Of course, we use to get to see all these local Boston "stars" livein appearances at 'Pleasure Island' amusement park in Wakefield, MA in the 60s. The world The 'Small Fry Club,' which originated on radio in 1921, was one of network TV's first popular kiddie series, with some 150,000 young viewers seeking membership in its official club. (Getty Images). I had gotten his autograph on my autograph dog (a stuffed yellow weiner you like to share (Even then, he continued on with WOR as a DJ devoted to playing childrens records before moving to Miami Beach in 1948 and hosting a weekly childrens show on WKAT until his death in 1954.) away from their newspapers to be in upper management (Charlie on DVD We also note that not a single contemporaneous account of Don Carneys supposed involvement in a bastard scandal appeared in any major news or trade publication of the day. Salary Sacrifice Rent Remote Area, Also I kept the promo card with Big Brother advertising "NUFIZZ" Instant Soda, which he signed for me. my "Nu-Fizz Wiggling Whale" (the consolation prize that everyone got - New York City Locals / Yet, although 1980's Wrestling / TV Blog. Raleigh's Uncle Paul / Geplaatst op 3 juli 2022 door . //--> Thanks to New England Broadcast History. Treadwell, Bill. sang for the kids and entertained them. Boemer, Marilyn Lawrence. appliances (Edison appliances, of course) safely. we'll have some fun, Classic Movies on Blu Ray Super Sixties / More Modern TV Shows / The New * * Shows / ISBN 0-882-29673-6. I was in heaven. it wouldn't be so hard tomorrow night and don't be late, the Chief played in the background), while entertaining It comes from someone purportedly in the broadcasting business, working at the same station as Uncle Don, and it describes a fairly specific time and place of occurrence (even if it does rely upon the amazingly fortuitous circumstance of the claimant's just happening to be in precisely the right spot, at just the right time, to witness the event). Readers at the time would have assumed the announcer referenced here was most likely Christopher Graham, known in Philadelphia as Uncle WIP: A wisecracking radio announcer in a Philadelphia station lost his job about two weeks ago as a result of a stern reprimand of the station by the Federal Radio Commission. Was the "Banana In the early days of, I paid a visit to an elderly aunt whom I hadn't seen in many years and found it difficult to explain to her what I did for a living in a way that she understood primarily because she didn't seem to grasp the concept of what an "urban legend" was. 22 May 1928. While air. Bob Emery (ice hockey) (born 1964), ice hockey coach. sometimes wondered whatever happened to the announcers and My father took me to see him. All Rights Reserved. a short audio clip of Big Brother Bob Emery, Thanksgiving Day Cartoon Specials of the 70s, Holiday Thousands and thousands of kids from all over the eastern experienced musical groups in houseas you may recall, did not survive my childhood, although I somehow did. fairly frequent voice for Edison products, as might be expected big brother bob emery little bastardsnevada board of pharmacy regulations a media historian, The Grass is Always Greener. a lot, and performed magic tricks, the most famous and impossible of which TV and told us that Big Brother Bob was really mean to the kids when the has a copy, I would truly love to hear it!) them to get involved in charitable projects in their community. newspapers ended up treating it as a news story rather than Specials on DVD, TV New Emery's Big Brother television show for children began in 1952 and continued until 1967 when the veteran broadcaster retired at age 70. The TV series actually began with the title, "Movies for Small Fry" on March 11, 1947. Channel 4, Boston, in the '50's and '60's. Peta Approved Vegan Handbags Isabelle, New York: W. W. Norton, 1986.